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Tux penguin: Penguin mimics. In his house, he left the world. If you want to make a folder, to keep files in it, you need a vector file, and some icons, to decorate it. Now there is a solution. All you have to do is to download the pack, and paint it to your hearts content. If you are in a hurry and you need a pack of icons for a folder, then this is for you. Features include: Files, Folders, Vector, Lazy, Facebook, Bar, Apple, Windows, Filetypes, Desktop, Mobile, Trash, Trashcan, Android, Mac OS, Printer, and other applications. Hi guys, In a few months it will be 2013. There will be a new version of Windows 8, and I want to create some icons for it, and I have a question about the licensing terms of these Icons for the Windows 8 Icon Pack, it would be nice if I can use this in commercial use, but if not, would it be fine if I would modify the pictures and give them to my customers as well? I have never released any icon packs before. Regards, Dan Dan Kohl Pimp Yassin's pack, you're going to love it - Free version here: A pack dedicated to window decoration with shadows and reflection. It contains: - Buttons with reflection (common, start, back) - System icons (common, start, back, menu, clock) - Appareance (settings, refresh, minimize, close, minimize) - Graphics files for windows 8 - Graphics files for Mac OS X A pack dedicated to windows 7 (no new icons), new version here: Hi vievernaut, Well that's for you to figure out, really. Heres the one with the worst performance. I would help you do a better job with the editor, but im not really good with the programming part :p, maybe I should learn it. Anyways, icons in the xp pack are vectorized. I took a fresh start on this, its very simple one a5204a7ec7

------------------------------------------------ Tux is a Linux Icon theme containing: - Several folders, documents, folders, files, folder and more - Numerous icons and wallpapers - A good technical name to represent a penguin - A penguin and an alien - A penguin and a tux ------------------------------------------------ PLEASE DONATE! It's a work in progress, and we need your help to keep it going. Thanks! This is a theme for the XFCE desktop. It features a Tux the Penguin on the startup screen and features a Tux themed logo. Tux and Moose have been used in Tux Magazine, Linux Magazine and Linux news papers for over 8 years. Tux also has become a highly recognised character in Linux. This theme can be used with Xfce 4.8 and more, mainly for a light and fresh look to the desktop. Please report any bugs to the Tux the Penguin Forums at ** Don't forget to update to the most current version. ** I use Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Kernel 2.6.28-12, with Xfce 4.6.2 and Tux the Penguin 2.10 ** Download at ** Thanks to Greg Wyant for his help, his theme if also in the repo. ** Credits: -------- I didn't do much, I designed it and included the whole theme, hope you like it. Artwork and some icons are from the BZ3T, I didn't take credit for them. Blog: Tux Image: This is a simple and fun to use theme with full customization. Also the theme will run on xfce 4.8 or newer. Color themes in Xfce can be downloaded at If you find any bugs or errors, please report them on the forum, by clicking on the "Report Bug" link under the application name. You can view the official theme at This theme is based on the