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PATCHED Cs 1.6 Aimbot ellkaes




 . .it is not the final version for cs, but very close to it. This aimbot have 2 modes: . . . you can switch between them with pressing ESC! [1] "Solo mode" [2] "Group mode" Mode 1 Videos [![Screenshot]( Compatibility **Windows** + Compatible with CS:S, CS:GO and CS:GO Aimbot. + No bot will be detected with CS:S and CS:GO Aimbot. + I am uploading them under the GPL license for a faster support. + ***Do not use for cheaters*** + No bot will be detected if you change some cs:s files, i.e. glt.dll. + **A video showing this: **Linux** I am working on a Linux version, if you want it to work for Linux please let me know! **Source** The main source of this bot is "Fossil Encore" (2.1). With his help i was able to modify it to match my needs. (i never used it but i did some "testing" with it) I modified Fossil and fixed some bugs, maybe they are in the final version but if not i will fix them in future versions. What is this aimbot? If you have ever played FPS games and you are using VAC (Anti-Cheat), this is probably the best solution for you. This aimbot is not a new and improved version of other aimbot, it is a working bot made with the following approach: 1. No Bot detection! 2. Modify the Game files. 3. Hide the console window (to avoid cheaters to know how the bot works) 4. Add a console (to know how the bot works) 5. Introduce some "functions" (to prevent cheaters from knowing how the bot works) A Bot is a software that automates functions and can be used by hackers to




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PATCHED Cs 1.6 Aimbot ellkaes

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